Thursday, July 30, 2009

What makes a good eLearning Course?

What makes a "good" elearning course? I think that is a good question to ask and one that has been rattling around in my head for a while. Is it one that has all of the technical information that the subject matter expert has provided? Is it a fun game that the learner wants to play multiple times? Does it include video? Audio? Is it long or short? My answer to the first question would be a combination of all the other questions. While as an instructional designer I need to include the information provided by the subject matter expert, I also need to make sure that it is engaging for the learner (or what's the point). This may include the use of games, video, audio or other multimedia elements. These elements can provide a great deal on interest and interaction with the learners and can be done so without a lot of effort. There are many video sharing sites (youtube, google video, etc.) that provide good information as well as sites that provide game templates (, rapidintake, etc) that can add that extra umph to your presentation. For me, creating good courses has been the result of stepping outside of the process and brainstorming alternative ways of presenting the information that gets the learners to interact and learn, and hopefully have a little fun while they are doing it. I think that the real answer to the question of what makes a good elearning course is - one in which the learning occurs without the participant feeling like they are learning.

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