Friday, July 24, 2009

It's a big eLearning world out there.

As I was reading through my list of "followed blogs" the other day I came across this one E-Learning Curve Blog: The Problem with Web 2.0… in it Michael Hanley quickly and clearly illustrates the feeling I often have when trying to navigate through the world of eLearning, Web-Based training, social networking, etc. As I was looking at the diagram I was hoping that when I scrolled to the bottom there would be a wonderful explanation of everything and I would have an "aha" moment and everything would become crystal clear...that didn't happen. Don't get me wrong, I do have moments of clarity about what I'm doing with eLearning but when I step back and thin about all the possibilities out there and all the available technologies and other tools it is amazing - and overwhelming. In wanting to do a good job on every project I work on I often find myself second guessing what I'm doing and if I'm doing it in the right way and this is compounded when I see posts about mLearning such as this post by Jeanne Meister titled "Mobile Learning Re-Visited" . There is so much to learn and things are constantly changing. To me it's exciting and who knows what learning will look like next summer?

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