Friday, March 12, 2010

Project Changes = New skills and learning opportunities!

Have you ever been here?
You're moving along on a project and are just about finished and something happens and your entire project changes.  Just like that weeks of work are gone, you'll never get them back and you still have a project to complete, only now it is different and you've got to move forward.

What do you do?
Although the tempting thing might be to get upset and rant and rave - that isn't the professional thing to do.  So you have to do the right thing (rant and rave in your head) and move forward on the project.

The good news...
Changing direction on projects can also give you a great opportunity to learn new skills.  When we get into the "zone" on a project we are moving forward and making progress and not necessarily thinking about different ways we could deliver this project.  We get a bit tunnel visioned and don't think outside of that box.

I've recently been in this situation and as a result I now have additional skills that I can add to my resume that I never would have obtained if I didn't have to sit back and re-think the way I was going to deliver this project.  Although - admittedly - there was some frustration, I am glad that I have had the opportunity to look at the project from a completely different vantage point and determine what was really important for the project and how I could go about meeting the deliverables with the newly revised parameters.