Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Development Time for eLearning

This is a question I often ask myself. In the effort to manage my time effectively I need to know how much time I need to allot to projects that is realistic and not just a random number that I picked out of the air. Reading the blogs that I follow I found Kapp Notes: How Long Does It Take to Develop One Hour of E-Learning-Updated for 2009 this morning. I've seen a variety of statistics that give me an idea of if I'm on track with how long it is taking me to create my courses. Additionally on this blog there are comments that I agree with, especially the one regarding the expectations that I have for my trainings that have increased since I first started creating these presentations. I have to fight the temptation to go back and redo those presentations that were my first ones. If I gave into this temptation then I would be stuck in a vicious circle that would never end. You learn more and get better each time you publish a presentation. You see other presentations that give you more ideas and ways to do things differently. That's what I consider one of the greatest parts of my job and what makes it fun each and every day. I get to learn and experiment and tap into my creative side. Knowing some figures for how long this process can/should take gives me some time of reassurance and permission to take the time necessary to do this and to do it well.

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