Monday, December 21, 2009

Great Projects, High Energy

Every once in a while you get those projects that you love to work on. These are the projects that really get the creativity flowing. There is just something about the project maybe it is the subject, maybe not but there is just something that makes you want to keep working on it regardless of the time or how many hours it will take. You loose all sense of time and get excited each time you pick it up. You know that you'll be sad when you complete the project because it will be over.

I'm working on one of those projects now and it is perfect timing. With the holiday's and all that they involve it is wonderful to be able to loose myself in a great project and get that wonderful energy and creativity flowing.

I've been thinking how to transfer some of this energy and excitement into other projects. I've come up with a few ideas but am also wondering what ideas you might have?

1 comment:

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