Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Learning Technology for 2015

So the big question this month is "What will workplace learning technology look like in 2015?"  That is a great question to ask and got me thinking about the longer range plans for the elearning that I am producing today.  Not only will the content be outdated by 2015 but quite possibly the delivery method as well. 

I've been doing some work recently with some elementary children and the imagination that they have is wonderful.  They are very creative and resourceful which leads me to believe that they will demand that their workplace in the future will also need to be creative and resourceful.  So for predictions on learning technology in 2015 here are my thoughts....

I think we'll see more mobile learning and less learning tied to the PC.  People want to be able to access their learning at anytime from anywhere.  Look at the popularity of the iPhone, etc.

I think that there will be more informal learning incorporated into the training/learning programs.  This is something that is already done by learners, I see the trainers getting on board with it and utilizing it to maximize results.

I think that there will also be more of a focus on alternative learning - such as elearning.  With tight budgets we are feeling this demand now, however, I think that in the future this demand won't be as a result of budgetary demands, rather it will be a result of employee demand.  They'll want to be in control of their learning experience rather than have it dictated to them based on class availability, schedule, etc.

We're going to have to get creative to meet the demands of the future employees.  I personally look forward to learning new ways to use technology to meet these demands, unfortunately, I find I tend to get roadblocked by my own lack of creativity when it comes to ways to utilize the tools available.  With the ever changing field of learning technology I think we'll see more people involved in different ways to keep things interesting and engaging.


  1. Great quote - "Not only will the content be outdated by 2015 but quite possibly the delivery method as well."

  2. Excellent post!
    thank you for sharing these ideas!